Murthy Lab Github:


Murthy Lab FlySongSegmenter

Code to combine signals from multiple microphones, and to segment courtship song into its three modes (sine, Pfast, and Pslow)

Pulse Type Classification

see Clemens et al. Current Biology 2018; code to separate courtship song pulses into Pfast and Pslow

no IPI cycles

code and data from Stern et al. PNAS 2017

Drosophila virilis song analysis and

code for analyzing data in LaRue et al. eLife 2015

LEAP (LEAP Estimates Animal Pose)

code for tracking animal body parts via deep learning: see Pereira*, Aldarondo* et al. bioRxiv 2018 (Nature Methods in press)

Python Ball Motion Tracking (pybmt):

python code for tracking ball motion during head-fixed fly-on-the-ball experiments and delivering stimuli in closed-loop with ball motion - this is a python interface for running and using Richard Moore’s FicTrac (